Parisa Zarnegar

Neuroscience. Leadership. Executive Coaching

How our Brain Influences our Business

Do you want to reach breakthrough results?

Neuroscience – the missing link in high performance

The neuroscience of leadership is rapidly breaking new ground in leadership training. The latest findings about the biological and social drivers of learning, change and growth are essential knowledge for today’s leaders.

The secret to achieving high performance and helping others do the same, lies in your ability to master your greatest asset – your brain.

Expose yourself to the latest thinking on leadership and business excellence – you will return to your organization with valuable insights and actionable tools that can immediately be applied to becoming a top-performing leader and building a high-performing organization.


Example of seminar topics:

  • Applying neuroscience as a leader in the workplace (Brain and Leadership)
  • Unleashing the power of collaboration (Brain and Organization)
  • Change management at all levels from individual, to team and to organization (Neuroscience of Resolving Resistance)
  • Create the mindset to manage stress (Brain Research and Stress Management)
  • Neuroscience of creativity at work (The Science of Possibility)