Parisa Zarnegar

Neuroscience. Leadership. Executive Coaching

Be a leader who makes difference

Challenge yourself with research-based learning and real world experience.

Modern brain research is revealing how leaders can make a difference and how neuroscience might help.

Understanding how our mind works will equip you with the knowledge and skills to drive organizational and personal performance to higher levels.

This program has been specifically designed with a focus on challenging your leadership assumptions and providing you with an opportunity to explore and understand your leadership capabilities and inspiring you to take concrete steps toward becoming a more inspirational, influential leader.

Over the course of three months (two days per month), through a comprehensive three-module program including lectures, hands-on workshops, professional one-on-one coaching and real world business challenges, the NEL-program develops your leadership skills on three levels:

  • Individual level
    Examples: Enhancing leadership commitments and earning trust. Recognizing strengths and blindspots in yourself and other by deeper understanding of human behavior.
  • Team level
    Examples: Creating a shared vision and synergy in teamwork, building relationships and practicing “needle mover” conversations.
  • Organizational level
    Examples: Developing and implementing vision, strategy and organizational culture that fosters creativity and innovation.

All modules are designed to help you make an immediate impact – personally and professionally.