Parisa Zarnegar

Neuroscience. Leadership. Executive Coaching

Neuroscience-based coaching: Transforming your thinking

Shifting your mindset from a problem-focused to a solution-oriented culture.

Transformative, lasting change is harder than we think.

We are unaware of the many habits we have in the way we think, behave, perceive others, communicate and perform many other activities in our daily routines that are not serving our highest potential.

Brain research is leading us to a greater understanding of how to improve personal and leadership behaviors and performance through transformational coaching.

Processes embedded in NEL Coaching can have a profound effect on your ability to:

  • Focus your attention on your insights,
  • Expand your perspective,
  • Foster a sense of clarity and alignment
  • Move you toward motivated action for the development of new habits.
The Benefits of One-on-One NEL Coaching:

  • Empowers individual to take responsibility in a way that brings out the best from the individual brain’s capacity.
  • Helps individuals to adjust their response to change, by equipping them to move from fear-based responses to positive curiosity and adaptability.
  • Improves the leadership skills that impact goal achievement in the shortest amount of time possible.