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About Parisa Zarnegar, Ph.D.

Parisa Zarnegar earned her PhD in Neuroscience from Karolinska Institute, Sweden. She has extensive [Read more…]


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"Parisa is excellent at bringing the concepts of neuroscience to the audience in an understandable and captivating delivery, covering a variety of areas including human behavior and drivers, self and social awareness, unconscious bias, leadership, developing and influencing others. Parisas way of delivering neuroscience knowledge gives her audience a new dimension in understanding psychological and behavioral theory. With her authentic and personal yet scientific style, Parisa is able to reach out to all types of people and professions."

-Daniel E.

"Parisa has a unique knowledge about how our brains work and has a passionate interest in people. Her knowledge and ability to winkle out what’s inside helped me do the changes I needed to do prioritise the right things in life. Parisa is intelligent, warm and professional. She challenges me and make me learn new things about myself. Parisa has helped me understand what is important to me and have given me the tools to help me take the right decisions to live the life I want.”"

-Therese H

"I highly recommend Parisa as a speaker to inspirate and educate your organisation about how our brains work and how it affects us. "

-Johan H